Top 10 Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Be it your personal blog or an online business website, choosing a domain name can be both a tricky as well as demanding job. It calls for a lot of research and other smart decisions. However, the following 10 tools can make domain name registration simpler for you by making it easy to select the perfect domain name for your online business website.

1. DomainTools

DomainTools offer analytics solutions and powerful data for both the individual users and enterprises. From the management of individual websites to the evaluation of potential domains, these tools offer all sort of centralized information, semantic name suggestions and other intellectual property protection information.

2. Name Station

This tool is apt for an easy and fast search of available domain names. It enables its users to generate all forms of names with the aid of a smart domain search engine. The users re also empowered to hold different types of crowd sourced domain naming contests.

3. Bust A Name

This tool is also effective in both the searching as well as managing of the domain names. It offers wide range of combined linguistic data along with a unique and user friendly interface for a quick and smart search through the thousands of available domain names.

4. Panabee

The Panabee domain name search tool quickly provides its users with the domain availability check and also suggests other alternatives in case the domain name has been already taken. It also offers a domain check against the popular and different top level domains such as .UK and .IN.

5. Sedo

Sedo is one of the most popular domain name searching tools and has around one million users and domains in almost twenty different languages to its credit. Sedo has been characterized by an active domain marketplace and offers a wide selection of premium domains.

6. Domains Bot

Domains Bot Search tool has been a top notch in the suggesting of selling domain names in the industry. In the past few years, more than two million domains suggested by the company have been sold in the domain market. The Semantic Engine developed by the company has emerged as an innovative search engine for a quick and an effective domain search and domain suggestions.

7. Wordoid

Wordoid is a form of web application that assists its users in inventing a good and a suitable domain name for their business. It automatically makes up different new words according to your requirements in both English as well as Spanish language. It can even generate a word in an imaginary language by blending two words in different known languages.

8. Domainr

Domainr helps its users to explore an entire distinctive or similar rang of domain names much beyond the usual and crowded .org, .net or .com extensions. This tool adopts a log search methodology to trace the availability of your desired domain name and employs different cookie functions to add a personalized touch to the user interface and search.

9. Name Boy

Name Boy is one of the most commonly used domain name generator and domain name searcher tools. It also helps its users in the process of domain name registration. You are simply supposed to enter a keyword relating to your business or blog and the amazing Name Boy generator tool will automatically come up with a list of suitable as well as available domain names for your website. In addition, this tool also allows you to create a login account for later use.

10. Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket provides a number of different tools such as the Domain Evaluator and the Bran gopher instant domain search tools for an easy and efficient digging of a perfect domain name for your business. You can search, create, save or even register the selected domain name with the aid of these tools.

Author Bio:

Mark Chauffer is the founder and director of an online marketing agency which provides services relating to domain name registration and SEO to businesses across the globe.